Our clients have a wide range of configurations ranging from virtual servers running on VMware Esxi 4.1 Ė 5.1, Microsoft Hypervisor and standard Microsoft server installations ranging from Server 2003 to Server 2012 and Small Business Server range of products. Desktops range from Windows XP through to Windows 8 and Apple Mac.


We have a wide range of hardware suppliers and are able to supply any hardware platform required to suit your requirements.

Additional services

As part of the services offered to clients we also provide a morning check on servers remotely. This preventative measure entails checking the current state of the services, the event logs and services to make sure everything is running normally to reduce the risk of server failures.


At Grapple IT we are committed to be excellent in everything we do no matter the size of the job or the difficulty.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive for customer satisfaction with our work and every aspect of our service.

Fast Response

We know that when something doesnít work when itís supposed to, frustration levels rise, productivity goes out the window and time = money. We offer a fast response to help solve your problem.

Great Products

We offer a big selection of great hardware at affordable prices.